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Self driving cars should have a standard minimum amount of sensors and processing capability

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:28 pm
by Automatic Driver
It is unfortunate when an important and promising technology has setbacks for any reason.
It is even more unfortunately when people die or suffer as a result.

Self Driving cars are at a critical point, brought about, I think, by secrecy and competition between players that try to get there first for financial gain.

There’s nothing wrong with financial gain when it doesn’t hurt people, but the competition may actually delay such gains if approvals don’t come simply because the cars are not safe enough.

I think some government organization (or car manufacturers’ consortium) needs to establish a minimum standard of sensors’ number and type as well as processing capabilities (i.e. “Safety Equipment”) such that all approved vehicles have at least a common base that is proved to be of an acceptable safety level.
Just like all cars must have safety belts, lights and windshield wipers.

Let’s call it "SESAV" for Safety Equipment Standard for Autonomous Vehicles

Manufacturers could be compensated (royalties?) for any part they contribute to this standard and, of course, they can differentiate themselves with extras, above the standard.

However, anything that is deemed as important to meet said minimum safety standard needs to be “contributed” to the common standard.
Furthermore, such equipment needs to be designed and produced such that it can be:
1. Easily tested with standardized tools.
2. Easily upgraded when new capabilities become available and deemed essential.

Re: Self driving cars should have a standard minimum amount of sensors and processing capability

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:35 am
by Concerned Driver
Intel and Waymo say that their systems would have prevented the tragedy of Uber's fatal autonomous car crash.
The first such death was from Tesla's autopilot.
Uber uses Velodyne LiDAR; I don't know what Tesla uses.
One has to wonder if any of these deaths would have happened if the companies collaborated.
I don't know if, in the current chase for profit at any cost (people's jobs for example), such collaboration is possible.
I do think it should be.