Raspberry Pi is Overrated!

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Is Raspberry Pi overrated?

No, Raspberry Pi is awesome and should be used for everything it can be used for.
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Yes, Raspberry Pi is not useful at all and nothing should be done with it. Why does it exist in the first place?
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Yes, Raspberry Pi can be useful in some cases, but it's often overused where it could be replaced with an Arduino or other board.
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Raspberry Pi is Overrated!

Postby Coda » Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:19 pm

So many people ramble on and on about how good the Raspberry Pi is. The first thing someone asks you if you tell them you can program microcontrollers is "Oh, do you have a Raspberry Pi?".

Sure, it can be the best option for some hings, but very often people use it in simple projects (and even not simple ones) where an Arduino would be so much better! The Raspberry Pi requires so much more work to program and get working than an Arduino, not to mention the fact that an Arduino is cheaper and usually smaller! Raspberry Pis are also slow to boot up.

Raspberry Pis can be useful, but they are overused and given too much praise.

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