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Android trials for paid apps should offer "cancel" button

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 10:18 am
by SomeAppUser
I recently installed an app to identify plants, not knowing it's a time limited trial.
I don't know if I missed that or they didn't even say it in which case SHAME ON THEM!
Many apps are hobbled in some ways, or ads, until you pay something; that's what I expected.
In this case, I started the app and got to a screen telling me this was a 7 days trial and do I want the trial?
I clicked on "Trial" and a new screen came up, that gave me payment options (monthly or discounted yearly $30) but there was NO CANCEL button. Only payment options.
And the credit card linked to the account was shown there.
I just wanted a one-off plant identification; it wasn't worth my time even to go through the trial if I had to cancel it before seven days.
So I used the back button and the app started to work. Of course that may be a problem: Did the app start the trial? Will I have to cancel? After all it's $30 that I don't want to lose.
All in all it's an unpleasant situation that could have been avoided by having a cancel button or letting me know what would happen if I click on the "Trial" button.
Note: the order of the screens, etc. might have been different but the point is that at the time I accepted the trial I didn't know that I would be entered into an agreement that had to be cancelled. I expected that at the end of the trial the app would stop working or get hobbled unless I "THEN" make payment arrangements.

Re: Android trials for paid apps should offer "cancel" button

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 9:49 am
by DongLi
I agree.
What a good idea.