Banking and the Stock market should go "Back to Basics"

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Should Banking and the Stock Market go back to basics?

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Banking and the Stock market should go "Back to Basics"

Post by CataCluj » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:30 pm

The only reason for "top bankers" to have such high salaries is that they constantly invent new ways of moving money around in such esoteric ways that they make people think that they create value when in fact they create ZERO value (we exclude here the the only useful tools: simple loans that enable personal or corporate growth; even an 8th grader has enough knowledge to do that).
In fact they trick people in investing their money and then they create "recessions".
We're supposed to think that everybody looses money in a recession, but I think that's not true; I think there's a thin slice at the top that makes more money at every recession, and they pay the politicians to keep things as they are.
Nobody should make millions and billions of dollars a year for moving money around; there's no real value added.
If Mr. Donald Trump or Mrs. Hillary Clinton could fix that; it would be enough to make many things better: imagine all that money going to "normal" people to be spent, instead of hundred-thousand-dollar watches, million-dollar cars and hundred-million homes.
Sure those luxuries also keep a few people employed but I think much less than they could in the hands of "normal" people.

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Re: Banking and the Stock market should go "Back to Basics"

Post by FAQbala » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:23 pm

Absolutely true
The markets are not about the economies any more when its sole purpose is to pay the high exes, bankers, politicians...
Surely when the economy goes relatively well. People have good jobs. Fine
But when the economy doesn't, does the Economy Ruin the Stock Market? NO
Or most likely not in a way that would make sense.

That is ok for companies. They survive like they always do.
But if you’ve got a fifty-sixty year old couple and lose 20% of their wealth in one single market crash, how will they recover?
And in an environment where markets are not about the economies any more and the Economy is not about the jobs anymore. What are people's choices? With the decade of pathetic 1% saving rate, the rich still has way of investing, start up, stock options and etc. but regular people?

So if you play you are doomed, if don't you are doomed.

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Re: Banking and the Stock market should go "Back to Basics"

Post by Smiley » Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:06 pm

The stock market and money markets are no longer about facilitating the frow of goods anc charging a commission but about mextracting the greatest profits possible, in the shortest period of time, never mind the damage they can do to some companies,large or small, top their workforce, ... or even to a country, for that matter

When a country loses tews of billions of dollars in a few hours or in a few days of "tempest", where does that money go as it does not sip into a
metaphoric ground?

It goes as profits into the pockets of highly skilled (and heartless and conscienceless) speculators who are prepared to do anything that can be presented as legal, in order to score another big financial hit (and "deliver value to shareholders") and who would probably put their mother on the stock market if it were to offer a quick profit
Going ... back to basics would be nice... oh, yes, but is it possible? Nah!

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