The date of Halloween should change depending on where you live

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The date of Halloween should change depending on where you live

Post by HallowsGuest » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:07 pm

Ever had the frustration of a cold, snowy environment on October 31st? Not in the mood for trick-or-treating anymore, or your kids are expressing huge frustration over having to wear either an ugly sweater UNDER (what a fashion disaster), or a jacket over their costume?

Many of us suffer this frustration, but what can you do? You live in a cold part of the world, where it is a chore to enjoy a night out with your friends, or to take your kid trick-or-treating.

Well, what we can do is change the day Halloween occurs on! Yes, I understand it is a long standing tradition and somehow it might not be as creepy to some people, but it also used to be a long standing tradition to sacrifice people to the gods. I wonder how we got out of that phase.

Now, what would be the method for this?
I propose either:
  1. City/State/Province/Other decides beforehand what the warmest day in October is and announces it to the citizens who then spread the word.
  2. All (I suppose some, as most (?) countries do not celebrate it) cities/states/provinces/other with similar climate decide on a single day they will share as their Halloween, if October 31st is okay, they default to it.
  3. Every country individually selects what day their Halloween will be on each year.
Will this ever happen before Halloween ends?
Probably not.
Would it be nice?
At least for me, and a few other people I know, yes.

Vote on the poll, and reply telling me what you think about this!


Re: The date of Halloween should change depending on where you live

Post by Halloweener » Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:44 am

I have another reason to make Halloween "mobile": The day of the week!
I think it should always be on a Friday or Saturday.
I don't disagree that it should be on the nicest available day but weather forecasts are often wrong.
Anyway, if you give me the weekend I'll give you the nice weather :-)

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