Today I started Day-Trading stocks. Should you?

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Today I started Day-Trading stocks. Should you?

Post by DayTrader007 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:57 pm

Two weeks ago I lost my job.
Today I made $70 day-trading stocks.
It's not a lot but it's not bad for first day.
I was up about $250 at some point but hoped for more.
Then it started going down fast, and I sold with only the $70 in profit.
Could have been worse. Could be just luck; we'll see.
If there's interest we can discuss more about what I did and hope to do in the future.


Re: Today I started Day-Trading stocks. Should you?

Post by DayTrader007 » Fri May 03, 2019 7:28 pm

Aaaaand a while ago I stopped day-trading.
I'm no authority but it's not like it used to be twenty years ago.
I thing the lone trader has no chance now, with all the big players out to get you.
I think "they" have algorithms to "randomize" everything to an extent that no amount of technical analysis or momentum trading works anymore.
Furthermore in Canada we are hobbled by brokers bought by banks and monopolies that give you less and less data.
One such "trader friendly" broker used to give market maker ID with Level 2 quotes. Not anymore.
The big banks lobbied whoever makes the laws so now we are "protected" by not allowing US brokers to do business in Canada.
So anyway, I think it's impossible to reliably make money on the stock market long term.

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