Should average people still get a college degree?

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Should average people still get a college degree?

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Opinions matter

Should average people still get a college degree?

Post by Opinions matter » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:33 am

Going to college should be treated as a big investment decision, now more then ever!

They may tell you that it is still a good investment on average. Who are they? a bank loan manager, an educator, a politician and etc. Selling a dream is their job and they are more or less insiders by relation. Why wouldn't you want a bunch of 19 - 25 years old taking on a gigantic loan that they can only pay back in 10 years if ever. You will have full control of their lives. They will have no choice but to work hard by being a corporate robot. Oh Those are the lucky ones. What about the ones without good jobs; don't worry; they will blame themselves. Law makers and CEOs are off the hook.

YES you should go to college, if you

Are rich enough and can afford buying it as an experience
Are rich and connected. A future job will be arranged for you by your family.
Are rich enough to be able to never work a day in your life.
Are poor that college is free for you
Are so super smart and scholarships can cover most of your expenses

Most of us don't fall into any of the above. If you are one of us, then consider the following

By the time something is being formally taught it is usually already out dated
What current knowledge can be not found and self taught?
Most outsourced jobs have been white collar jobs, trades jobs are still here.
You will be working and making money 4 - 10 years earlier without a degree and possibly retire that much earlier
You will be saving cash and investing 4 - 10 years earlier. Don't bank use 7% annual return rate when selling you mutual funds? Are they also the same people giving you student loans?
At least you will not end up with 100k student loan. Consequently postponing buying a house for 10 years. If you live in San Francisco, Vancouver, Sydney or many other big cities, looking back house price to 2007, you know exactly what I mean.

So think for yourself because there is no such thing called "on average" when it comes to going to college. Colleges were invented 500 something years ago in Europe for the elite. For most, life is unforgiving when a big financial investment mistake has been made. The consequences are always downplayed by main stream media. Because in human history the most lucrative business remains unchanged and that it selling dreams...

My Opinion

Re: Should average people still get a college degree?

Post by My Opinion » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:41 am

It is annoying that you might be right.
Still, without a degree of some sort it's much harder to get a job, because so many people have them; useful ones or not.
Ironically, going into the trades early would solve this problem for most people.
I think it's hard to start a trades career after a useless degree; you're not young enough to put up with apprenticeships or "them" with you.
So those that start early have a moat.
Also, this article about loans should make one think twice about going into debt for college: ... le-w510880
Some of these will force you to buy transit passes just so they can skim a few extra dollars (commission, I guess) a month from you.
I think "globalization" changes things so fast it's hard to know what jobs will be available in the future.
Yes, go to college if you can afford it without loans or if you're so good at something that you KNOW you will find a job.
Think twice otherwise.


Elon Musk Does Not Care Whether You Have a College Degree. Why Should You?

Post by left09 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:43 am

I have just got this by AngelList :o
in BOLD "Elon Musk Does Not Care Whether You Have a College Degree. Why Should You?"
Also has been quoted by Linkedin itself ... hy-buehler


Re: Should average people still get a college degree?

Post by thinker » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:20 pm

We might live in a time of unprecedented self-interest sadly in all the wrong places like institutions, politics
and media.
An environment full of deception and fraud
Independent thinking

Trust your own wisdom.
Our instincts which have been evolving for thousands of year can help us distinguish truth from lies.

RBC Budget

Re: Should average people still get a college degree?

Post by RBC Budget » Thu May 17, 2018 9:52 am

RBC has this article about Student Budget Breakdown ... wn-noshin/

It may not be the most comprehensive.
The story though is current and based on real people in real school.

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