CBC should stop breaking Internet Radios

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CBC should stop breaking Internet Radios

by MusicLover » Tue Jul 11, 2023 10:54 pm

My Internet Radio (relatively) recently stopped playing the two CBC radio stations I used to listen to.
I thought it's just one of those things and it will be back but when it hasn't I searched for information and I found this:
https://cbchelp.cbc.ca/hc/en-ca/article ... et-devices
It seems that "Radio streaming URLs are updated with the various services that have formal supply agreements with CBC" so lots of us may be out of luck unless maybe paying a subscription which may only work with certain Internet Radios, as "older internet radio devices may not be able to support our new URLs".
Shame on you CBC!
I can listen to your programs on my 10 other FM radios but only my Internet Radio has a Remote Control and a proper sleep mode, the sound type I like late at night and size to go where it needs to.
Because of you I have to stop listening to your station and maybe many other listeners will too.
If you think I may buy something (another radio would be a must, plus, maybe, you hope, a subscription, even though these are local FM stations!) just so I can listen to you, think again. The world is full of great stations without your illusions of grandeur. You forced me to search and I already found replacements.
So go “suit” yourselves