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LifeSavvy not so Savvy; should reconsider some of the content it publishes.

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2022 2:15 pm
by LifeNotSoSavvy
For example this one: "How to Make Your Own Cream Cheese and Save Cash" ... save-cash/
For one thing, you may end up saving about $1 IF you don't count the cheesecloth that you need to use, and IF you could really get a (standard) pack of cheese from 1L of milk... which you can't.
For another, they pretend you get about same quantity of cheese as a pcak of cheese (8oz, about a quarter Kg) from a liter of 3.25% milk.
Except cream cheese is 33% fat so from 1L/1Kg (close enough) of 3.25% milk you can only get a tenth of it to be ten times the concentration, in effect about 100g or just over 3oz.

So, Life Savvy... not so Savvy! It's sad when something like this gets published; makes you wonder if anything on the site has value.