Should we invest in CryptoKitties?

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Should we invest in CryptoKitties?

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Should we invest in CryptoKitties?

Post by CryptoKitties » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:29 am

I am conflicted and invite your insights.
Here, I’m only going to write about why I think it is here to stay:

1. It’s digital artwork however you look at it
2. Owning something unique instead of mass produced has always been a good investment, historically. Scarcity is one of the extremely few values that may stand up to time.
3. Digital assets require little maintenance. If you ever owned a piece of antique furniture or art, you know how expensive the actual ownership is.
4. We all heard about blockchain technology. CryptoKitties is played on the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain is real and is likely not going away anytime soon.
5. What about the application itself in this huge data set of blockchain technology? Maybe digital art is one of the applications people can actually relate to. Is it so wrong to invest in something you could actually (more or less) understand?

CBC Spark, one of my favorite podcast channels made a great piece about CryptoKitties among other things to keep you informed. Enjoy: ... -1.4451739


Re: Should we invest in CryptoKitties?

Post by BigKitty » Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:48 pm

I think currently it's too hard for most people to get CryptoKitties.
As usually, that can go both ways:
- some will try harder because anything hard to get is worth having (or is it?)
- some will give up or wait
If earlier (but not just original) kitties are (and will continue to be) more valuable than newer ones, the hardship may be rewarded.
If eventually Hello-Kitty lovers will want CryptoKitties and these will be easy to buy/trade... it may become a big craze.
It's probably worth having some but I wouldn't risk a lot.

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