HR and hiring managers should stop disrespecting job seekers

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HR and hiring managers should stop disrespecting job seekers

Post by Cata »

It is currently disgusting how most (you’ll know if you’re included) hiring managers and their HR people disrespect job seekers’ time:
- Put your job ads on whatever platform, without any pay range so we waste our time to apply for unsuitable positions
- Pretend you’re hiring for one (attractive) position, only to switch the new hire to another (crappier) one
- Only successful applicants will be contacted, so we don’t know WHY you didn’t consider our application. Too much experience? Too little? Too something else?
- Post the same positions again and again, so we don’t know if you’re hiring again, for new hires, or didn’t find what you need, and maybe this time something is different, so we apply again
- Again we don’t hear from you
- Pretend to have an opening only to pick applicant’s brains over countless interview rounds

If you prick us do we not bleed? Eh?

You are supposed to be productive member of society, not just company robots. BE HELPFUL!

Even canned responses would be better than nothing but here is what you could do to make it better:
1. Be honest what you’re looking for; don’t lie or otherwise bend the truth. If you do, you’ll be sorry later, unless you have a complete lack of morality, ethics, empathy and (good) principles (we pity you, regardless how well you regard yourself).
2. Show required experience level AND pay range on your posting. This will even save YOU time. Don’t think you may get lucky and get experienced hire for less money if you don’t.
3. Set an automated confirmation to thank ALL applicants. Very little effort.
4. If you use automated systems to scan/eliminate resumes than you can also set automated customized email why one was eliminated (not enough keywords?)
5. If you do it manually, write five generic BUT INFORMATIVE canned responses that you can choose from, to send to the unsuccessful applicants.

Is your situation so special that you can’t do the right thing? Think again!

Re: HR and hiring managers should stop disrespecting job seekers

Post by SadStudent »

As a student looking for internships I totally agree. At such a vital stage when I'm trying to learn, I don't get any feedback; only many late emails saying a more qualified candidate was chosen. I feel lost sometimes and frustrated because I don't know what's wrong and my friends/mentors have conflicting opinions because they don't know either. Not to mention the usual lack of salary transparency
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