New cars are getting worse in many ways and manufacturers should return some things to the old ways.

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New cars are getting worse in many ways and manufacturers should return some things to the old ways.

Post by SadDriver »

I have two things I'm angry about right now:

1. What's this stupid thing about NO SPARE WHEEL!?!?! Instead you get a STUPID Temporary Repair Kit!!! The kit can only be used if the puncture is on the tire's tread and not larger than the size of a pencil eraser. If the puncture is on the sidewall or larger, you can't use the bloody kit. Of course, you can't use the kit if the tire is separated from the wheel. Then, you need to call roadside assistance and have the vehicle towed to the nearest tire shop or dealer. And after all this you have to take the car to a repair shop/dealer. Where "Most automobile manufacturers deem the tire to be SCRAP once that sealant is applied"! Some may repair it but at extra cost (can't blame them, lots of cleaning) and "it's critical that the material be thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible. If the sealant does not have the right anti-corrosive ingredients, it could damage the tire, wheel or tire-pressure monitoring system". AND if you have to replace one tire you may have to replace TWO of them because you can't drive with unequal wear!!! And all this to save a little space that we all got used to anyway! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

2. Entertainment systems used to be easy to use and had some really nice features:
  • Sound starts IMMEDIATELY. Now it takes a long time for the "SMART" system to wake up, tell you what brand your car is because you're stupid and need to be reminded, then wait a little more to finally get some sound out of it
  • On most cars I had, I could turn the engine off and still listen to the radio/tape/whatever UNINTERRUPTED, until I opened my door. NOW, when I turn the engine off, everything stops! Sure, I can push the button again (don't push the break though, or the engine will start again) to get to Accessory mode, and I again am reminded of the brand of car I drive and have to wait a while until it wakes up! AAARGH!
  • Try to change what you're listening to, while navigation is on the screen! If you set your stations up, and only have a few, you can probably go up and down, one at a time, until you get to the desired one. God Forbid that that BIG SCREEN can be shared between navigation and entertainment!
  • I still don't know how to change the relative sound level between entertainment (say radio) and Navigation. Never mind once in a few minutes I get a turn reminder if the radio is too loud!
  • Google Auto refuses to connect wirelessly if I run a VPN on the phone. I use one as a Firewall to only allow apps I want to connect to the internet, and of course I allow Google Auto, but it turns its nose up at me and says "NO GOOGLE AUTO FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU RUN A VPN" WHAT THE WHAT! Technically there is no reason; it's allowed thoough, THEY JUST WANT TO SHOW YOU WHO'S BOSS!!!
  • Physicall buttons for selecting entertainment source/station were much SAFER! Now, if the lighting conditions are not right one has to really concentrate to find the right station, change source, etc. and FORGET ABOUT IT IF NAVIGATION IS RUNNING