Why I think Mr. Trump should win the elections.

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Why I think Mr. Trump should win the elections.

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I don't think Mr. Trump is perfect; far from it. But he seems more real and honest. Even in not wanting to release his tax information there's some honesty :-) (Would YOU want to release your taxes?) Even in upsetting people. Even in saying stupid things.
The main reason I think Mr. Trump may be a better choice is that the alternative would likely mean no change. Like he says: "they" had a long time to fix things and they didn't. I don't know if he has enough strength to change something (if elected) but I do think he'll try and I think ANY shake-up would (at least eventually) be better than another politician.
I don't even agree with everything he says he wants to do! I also think he made mistakes, and may make more.
But he's not one of them!
And I think the country needs a shock to get out of this rut (the opposite of a rut for some; that's part of the problem).
Good Luck!