How to make your first post!

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How to make your first post!

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Are you a new (or old!) user that wants to get started making posts on ShouldOpia?
Then this guide is just for you!

The following sections can be completed in any order, and may not all be necessary:

The subject line is right above the main part of the topic.
Think of an informative title, e.g "Fritzing should not be used instead of schematics!".

Body subject
More information about the main subject.
I encourage you to always start a post with the same line as the title!
You may want to elaborate more, use links, or use images by inputting a link between the [IMG] tags.

Following the main subject, make a list of reasons why you think some should/should not happen, either in point form, or in a paragraph.
Point form is easier to read at a glance, but some people prefer paragraphs.

Yay! You have now completed the main body!


Now scroll down to the options, and you should see a tab that says "Poll creation"

Click on that tab, and make your poll.

To start with, a simple yes/no poll is great for simple topics.

When you're starting, you should press the "Preview" button when you make posts, just so you see how it looks before you submit it.

You have now completed your first post!

-The ShouldOpia Team