Why you should buy RLX (NYSE) stock? The recent IPO?

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Why you should buy RLX (NYSE) stock? The recent IPO?

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First of all let me say that I'm not an advisor, I have no qualifications in the field and I have no information apart from what is out there. Make your own decisions and do not buy any stock based on my ramblings. With this out of the way...

I think you should (I just did); and here is why I think so: It's all about Vaping (inhaling vapors with or without nicotine, approximating smoking without burning which is thought to be healthier) and there seem to be more and more people Vaping:
- People find it very hard to quit smoking and when they try, vaping is one of the alternatives that may be less damaging and may be a good step towards quitting.
- New customers looking for "fun" are trying it and some stick to it.
- RELX (the brand) gained the largest market share in China very fast (as of Feb. '21) and shows no signs of stopping
- From what I can tell their products have not yet been approved in EU and US but there is no reason to think they won't be, soon. I think they have pockets deep enough for that. When that happens the stock will jump!
- Reviews from vapers (people that vape?) are very good and comparisons with Juul and others are favorable (although some seem rather sponsored)
- I think even now people from EU and US can buy them on the internet so the awareness will spread while scarcity breeds desire.
- Whatever happened to competitors (Juul losing value) is now fully known so there seem to be few risks.
- Stock price seems stable (granted, less than a month, but look at other IPOs) and should jump if/when approvals from EU, US are obtained

Negatives I see:
- Because people can't (easily) refill their own cartridges, using RLX product may be more expensive than the refillable alternatives (but still much cheaper than actual smoking AFAIK)
- There is some competition in the space; Juul (which in fact lost value), Myst, etc.