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should migraine

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How You Can Help Yourself 8-)
If you have a migraine headache, you want to be relieved. Although you may first need to work with your doctor in a medical setting, there are some things you can do on your own that may limit the limit. Here's what experts and people with migraines recommend.

Slip on Shades
Does light make you angry? You may be one of the many light-sensitive migraine sufferers, called photophobia. If you can't dim the light around by drawing curtains or turning off the lights, make it dark and wear sunglasses indoors.

Stick to a Standard Schedule
The key word is “always.” Choose regular bedtime and wake-up times. Stick to regular meals and snacks. Also get your work on the system. Consistency helps your body know what is coming and may give you a few migraine attacks.

Manage Your Stress
It is one of the major causes of migraine pain. Do all you can to promote calmness in your life. Don't be busy with your schedule, and schedule time for things you enjoy. Sustained freedom is your friend. If you stay depressed during work week and only rest on weekends, that change can bring you migraines, too.

Block Odors
If someone's fragrance or other scent relieves your migraine, reach for a cool scent like mint or coffee beans. Inhaling odor replacement can prevent painful odor and may lead to seizures.

Aromatherapy Therapy
Some scents may help with headaches. Peppermint may make you less sensitive to pain, and lavender may reduce your anxiety. You can anoint them with their own oil in your temples or inside your wrist.

Increase Heat
Warm compresses, steam showers, or hot springs can relieve the tension of strong muscles that may add to your migraine pain.

Calm down
Cold comfort can also help. Some studies show that wrapping a cold pack around your neck when a migraine hits can reduce your headaches. Experts do not know why that helps. Cooling the blood as it makes its way to your brain may reduce inflammation and soothe your pain.

Tame Screen Glare
Green light is often the most difficult color to deal with when you regularly experience a migraine. That's a bright color from your computer and smartphone. So stay away from screens when you hear a migraine coming. Some people say that brightly colored glasses help to block out blue light.

Have an Orgasm
It doesn’t work for everyone, but sex can be a migraine-buster for some. Experts think that this is because endorphins, also called pleasure hormones, are released during sleep as natural pain pills. Masturbation is also a factor.

Roll Away Pain
Resting your feet can reduce tension in other parts of your body, including your head. Always keep your bare foot or socks covered in a tennis ball and roll it. Be aware of the most tender areas and focus on them. Repeat with the other foot.

Squeeze Your Hand
Another area you can point to to reduce tension is the flesh pad between your thumb and forefinger. Squeeze the area with two fingers and feel the pain. For one thing, this may help you to feel better about yourself.

Take a deep breath
Concentrate as you breathe in and out for at least 10 minutes. That can fill your body with calmness and reduce stress. Increase your relaxation and direct the different muscle groups in your body as you inhale and exhale to relieve all your tension.

Silence the Sound
Migraine can be caused by almost any of your senses, including your hearing. Like lights, loud noise can relieve your migraine. Arrive in a quiet place when it hits. If you can't, carry earplugs to prevent noise immediately.

Prepare Your Stomach
If a migraine makes you feel nauseous, keep a close-knit diaphragm to close the painful stomach. Add peppermint tea and saltines, which can help with a delicious stomach.