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Everything As Code should run on Pseudo-Code, even Infrastructure

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2022 12:53 pm
by SomeCoder66
Everything As Code is a (relatively) new paradigm that extends Infrastructure As Code to include "Everything" that developers need except for a few bodily needs and wants.
You can read about it in many places, like here: ... e-as-code/
and here: ... -delivery/
The proponents may make a series of assumptions that seem natural to them, but I will bring up that eventually all code runs on Hardware, even if Virtualized, it still ends up on Real Hard Hardware (RHH) and nobody wants their "Everything" to lag behind in the future because they happened to choose a losing RHH platform or be tied to one that may, even temporarily fall behind.
The solution (that may already be somewhat on the way) is a well defined Pseudo-Code Abstraction Layer that can be run on current and future RHH.
It will evolve in time and ideal RHH will be optimally designed to be "the best that it can be".
Heck, if I had my way, in the future Apple and Android OSes will run on versions (how much you want to spend?) of the same Optimal-Mobile RHH and still give users every chance to boast and boo!