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I think you should consider that (most of) the stock market is against you.

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2023 11:01 pm
by FinCat
Lately I find/think that NOTHING (Fundamentals, Technicals, except maybe Luck which also lacks consistency) works to consistently make money on the stock market, maybe for two reasons:
1. The world is changing and whatever were the "rules" in the past they have changed (not to mention that laws that were made long ago to protect investors are repealed so that the richest can become richer).
2. Market Makers and others are actively obfuscating everything (to call it nicely) so that any decisions based on anything that the little investor has access to is doomed to make them richer and the little investor poorer.
The fact that, for periods of time, "everybody" makes money is just either outside of "their" control (for example recovery after CoVid) or short periods meant to be honeypots.
Dividend Stocks may be the only thing that, long term, may be the way to go.
Do any of your tools help you be a succesful investor?
If yes, sharing with others may make you even more succesful, as more people buying your discovery will make it go even higher. On the other hand, if your tool is like insider trading then you may do better to keep it to yourself.